Create without Worry

Plan, automate, and focus on your work

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Creating content should be the focus. You shouldn't have to take a lot of time managing others, or coordinating. You should be able to assign other people their tasks, and trust them to get them done. Repetitive tasks, like posting to Twitter should be automatic. Why waste time remembering all the little details when you can keep everything in one place to get it done?

David Parker


Focus on Your Work

Producer is created to help you focus on your work, rather than thinking about what everyone else is doing. Create projects, plan episodes and tasks, and assign them to others. Do your work and get notified when others do theirs.

Instead of constantly sending emails back and forth, or living inside a distracting chat environment all day, relax. When something is done, you'll get notified. And discover the power of automating repetitive tasks such as Tweeting out to your audience when an episode is done.

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